Partnering with Housing Associations, Prison Services, DWP & Charities to deliver Business & Marketing Training for customers.

Welcome to Ooba

Ooba Creative used to be a full service Advertising, Marketing & Digital Agency (since 2001) serving a wide range of clients - from global sports brands to "mom&pop" micro-businesses.

We have also done a huge amount of business consultancy and coaching for micro-businesses/SMEs.

Now we bring our 20+ years of experience in business and marketing, to bring you 'real-world' coaching, training and educational services that will empower economic development of your customers.





We're part of The Active Organisation

Empowering People To Thrive
Our mission is to help people learn to be more resilient and self-sufficient in an ever-more chaotic and stressful world.

Be that through starting a business, or improving their health, or learning how to be more creative and innovative to solve their financial challenges, The Active Organisation is passionate about helping individuals to achieve their independence, autonomy and freedom.

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If any of this sounds interesting, then please do just call us. There will be no pushy sales or pestering. We just love to help.
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